Sometimes You Gotta Just Try Again

Do you ever have this problem?

You have a promotion with a deadline that’s not just approaching — it’s HERE. You’re behind, but you know you’ve got the tools to quickly put up whatever funnel piece you need for it.

You fire up WordPress and/or your favorite page builder and click a few buttons. Things are looking GOOD.

Then all of a sudden, you click a button that always works. But this time, it didn’t. It deleted half of what you had written. Why? Who knows.

“Oh well,” you say. “That’s what Ctrl+Z is for. I’ll just undo to get it back and try it again.”

“Hmm. What the….?!?”

This happened to me late last night. About as light as last night could get. I was in OptimizePress creating landing, confirmation, and thank you pages for a new lead magnet.

Simple stuff. Right up until it wasn’t.

The tech (or maybe I?) just failed to get the job done. I lost my bullet points etc for the landing page. No amount of “undo” would bring them back.

That’s frustrating. It’s enough to derail some of us sometimes and chuck it. “I’ll never make the deadline now, so what’s the point?”

Here’s the point. Tech works marvelously much of the time. Tech won’t work as expected for anything some portion of the time. It’s frustrating. It’s maddening. It is what it is, and it’s not likely to ever change.

I went to bed. I got up early. I deleted my partially completed pages and started over. In 30 minutes, I had them all done and perfect. No snags, just what I needed.

Was it a software bug? A brain bug? I mean I’ve been an IT techie for 35 years, but that doesn’t mean I might not still click the occasional wrong button or link.

Who cares what caused it? 99.9% of the time, OptimizePress does exactly what I tell it to and much more. The key for me was knowing when it was time to walk away and then being of the right mind to give it another go knowing that I’d most likely succeed the next time.

With marketing tech (and any tech), sometimes, you just gotta give it another try.

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